Starbase City: Elon Musk is preparing to establish Starbase City on Earth, know why this city is special

New Delhi: Elon Musk is preparing to build a city named Starbase in the Taxas area of ​​America. It is speculated that the city may be located near the launch center of his company SpaceX. Musk’s SpaceX uses Boba Chika Village in Texas for its test flight center and launch activities. But now Musk is going to settle a city named Starbase near it.

This city got information from tweet

One of his tweets about Musk’s plan was revealed which he did recently. In this tweet, he said that he intends to settle the city of Starbase in Texas. Since 2014, SpaceX has been working from Bobachika village in which the company develops and tests its starship rocket prototypes.

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Approval has been received

According to Musk, his new city will cover much more area than Bobachika village. The judge of Cameron County, where the city is proposed, has approved Musk’s plan. In his statement, the judge said that SpaceX had officially approached the Cameroon County administration for the development of the city of Starbase.

Have to be bound by the laws of local administration

The information about Musk’s Starbase project has recently been given to the Cameron County Commissioners Court. The company will have to work only by following all the rules and not only this, the county can take the steps it deems necessary to comply with any law. Musk will have to make all formal applications before starting the process of building the city of Starbase.

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Need lots of starships

Let us tell you that Musk’s shuttles can be used from Earth to Moon or Earth to Mars. But they need a large number of starships. It may be possible to send a vehicle on Mars only once in 26 months. In such a situation, at present, they are preparing for at least one thousand starships.

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