Mission Mars: NASA’s Perseverance Rover sent audio, listen how the sound of the winds on Mars

Washington: The Perseverance Mars Rover of the US Agency NASA (NASA), which is searching for life on Mars, has recorded the sound of winds on Mars. Giving information in this regard, NASA has said that the camera in the vehicle can hear the sound of winds on Mars, while the microphone has recorded the sound of laser strikes. Let us know that the rover has 23 cameras and 2 microphones, we will record every small and big activity on Mars and send it.

Recording from Supercam Microphone

In the audio sent by Perseverance Mars Rover, it can be heard how strong winds are going on Mars. The sound of these winds is exactly the same as that of thunderstorms on the earth. In the first audio, the sound of winds running on Mars is heard. It has been recorded by Rover’s Supercam microphone. This mic is mounted on its mast.

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Heartbeat-like Laser Striking

The second audio message that Rover sent is of Laser Strikes on Mars. It has also been heard for the first time. This sound is like a heartbeat. Through this, the NASA team can find out how the rocks around the rover are shaped. NASA says that the recording sent by Rover will help him to get some new information about Mars. According to the space agency, Percussion Mars Rover is working continuously and further important information will be received.

Mission was started on this day

NASA’s rover started its mission on March 6 as a test for the first time on the red planet, Mars. A distance of about 6.5 meters was covered in it. On March 6, NASA reported that the mission lasted for about 33 minutes, with the rover moving four meters forward, then turning 150 degrees to the left and 2.5 meters behind to reach its new temporary parking space.


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