Space Dust On Earth: So much dust falls on Earth from space, revealed in new study

New Delhi: Things like dust, stone and meteorite keep coming from the outer space towards the Earth. But they are destroyed even before the Earth enters the atmosphere. Then they fall on the earth in the form of dust. A recent study claimed that 5,200 tons of space dust fall on the earth every year.

The dust of the outer world on earth

According to the study, the dust coming from outer space is the main source of things coming from the outer world on Earth. It reaches Earth through things like meteorites. Scientists will be able to understand through this study how the molecular molecules of water and carbon came from the outer space here in the early years of the creation of the Earth.


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Research is being done in Antarctica

Significantly, it is not easy to find space dust. First of all, you have to find Micro Meteorite, which is equal to the 10th and 100th of the millimeter (MM) size. For this, scientists are doing research in Antarctica.
For the last 20 years, physicist Jean Duprat of the French National Center for Scientific Research conducted 6 research on Dome C. Dome C is located 1,100 kilometers off the coast of Adelie Land in Antarctica.

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Difficult to find dust

According to Scientific Research, space dust is difficult to find due to the low rate of snowfall in Dome C and the ancient snowfall. Scientists collected samples of pure ice from a trench more than 2 meters above the research station. In the last 2 decades, scientists studied micro meteorites and learned how much dust falls from outer space on Earth every year.

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