Life On Mars: Increased chance of settlement on Mars! Scientists made a big disclosure, told how the rivers, lakes and life were on Mars

New Delhi: NASA is working on its most ambitious project. With this, many interesting facts related to Mars (Mars) are coming out and these revelations are giving shape to the dream of settlement on Mars. Now another new link has been added to it. According to a study, there would have been a thin layer of icy clouds on the surface of Mars, which may have produced the Greenhouse effect.

Rivers and water were on Mars

Due to this effect, the temperature on the planet would have been warmer, which would have made the rivers and water flows possible. And indeed, if this happened, then the presence of ancient rivers and waterfalls on Mars and the possibility of life chances have increased. In such a situation, it is very important that if there was water on Mars or there were rivers, then where and how did they become extinct.

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Mars is covered with dust

NASA’s Perseverance Rover shared a picture on Twitter in which Mars is covered with dust. There is no evidence of life on this. However, the rover’s helicopter is roaming in an area that may have once been a river delta. It is being told that only one third of the sunlight received on Earth was available to Mars at that time.

How did the rivers end?

There is definitely evidence of water flowing on Mars 3.7 billion years ago, which claims that there must have been rivers and water on Mars at some time. But the question is how Mars lost its water over time. One study has assumed that there would have been a thin layer of icy, high-altitude clouds on Mars, due to the greenhouse effect. But no evidence has been found of where these waters went.

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Clouds existed three billion years ago

Rover exploring Mars will drill boulders bordering the delta. Apart from this, microorganisms present there will also be searched so that they can be known in detail. It is clear from the 3D computer model that clouds would have been present on the planet about three billion years ago. Let us tell you that these clouds are formed when the temperature below zero freezes them before the water droplets become steam.

Different types of theory about the disappearance of water

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Mars is also called the ‘second blue planet’. Scientists estimate that it once looked exactly like the Earth. So far, many theories have been given about the presence of water on Mars, but there is no strong evidence of any. However, images seen by NASA rovers and satellites make it absolutely clear that water has been present on Mars for hundreds of years in the form of rivers and lakes.

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