Coronavirus’s ‘Indian variant’ is extremely dangerous, found in 17 countries

Geneva: The ‘Indian variant’ of the coronavirus, known as B.1.617 or ‘2 variant variants’. It has been found in at least 17 countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) said this when 57 million cases of corona infection were reported worldwide last week. These figures have crossed the peak of all earlier waves.

Indian variant of Corona virus

The United Nations Health Agency said in its weekly epidemiological information on Tuesday that B.1.617 variants of SARS-CoV-2 (SARS-CoV-2) or ‘Indian variants’ have been shown to increase corona virus cases in India. The reason is believed to be, which WHO has described as variants of interest (VOI).

Indian variants found in 17 countries

The agency said, ‘By April 27, about 1,200 sequences have been uploaded to GISAID and genealogy B1.617 has been found in at least 17 countries.’

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What is the job of GISAID?

Explain that GISAID is a global science initiative and primary source established in 2008, providing open access to the genome data of the corona virus responsible for influenza virus and COVID-19 global epidemics.

Emerging variant of SARS-CoV-2

The agency said, ‘Emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 within the Pango lineage B.1.617 were recently reported as a VOI from India and WHO recently referred to it as VOI.’ WHO said that the study has emphasized that the spread of the second wave is much faster than the spread of the first wave in India.

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New variant of Corona spreading rapidly

According to the report of the World Health Body, the initial modeling by WHO based on the sequence assigned to GISAID has revealed that B.1.617 is developing at a higher speed than other variants aired in India, which is more contagious. At the same time, variants of other circulating viruses are also becoming more contagious.

The reason behind the rapid spread of corona

The WHO said that other factors include challenges related to the implementation and observance of public health and social measures, social gatherings (cultural-religious programs and elections etc.). Further investigation needs to be done to understand the role of these factors.

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