Human’s Maximum Age: Human’s life can be up to 150 years, scientists reveal

New Delhi: Do you know how many years a person can live? You must have heard about the maximum person at the age of 114 or 116 years. Scientists have got success in guessing this. According to a report published in Nature Communication, the maximum age of a human being is 150 years. Know how the scientists did this calculation.

Scientists made special indicators

Explain that the scientists of Singapore have made special indicators to know the maximum age of human beings. These indicators are called Dynamic Organization State Indicator or DOSI. Identifiers are able to tell the maximum age of a person.

Humans can live for a maximum of 150 years

Know that blood is tested in a special way to find out the maximum age. After examining the blood, the scientists saw him match with the indicators. In this research, it was found that if the health is good and the conditions are favorable to the human body, then he can live for a maximum of 150 years.

Researchers looked at age variables and trajectory of age reduction by putting them into single metric. This revealed the probable maximum age.

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What scientists believe to be aging

Significantly, in the language of Biology, aging is said to reduce the functioning of body parts. Due to this, the body is surrounded by diseases. These can cause cancer, mental problems or heart diseases. The second reason for aging is the continuous division of DNA of the body. Because of this, a person becomes infected with diseases and the body starts leaving him.

Research done like this

To find out the maximum age of humans, scientists took samples of the blood of humans of different ages. Investigated his Complete Blood Count (CBC). In this test, the amount of white blood cells (WBC), red blood cells (RBC) and platelets present in the blood is seen. Then the trajectory of the decreasing age and the data of the CBC were seen together. It showed that at what age a person can get the disease and what effect the disease can have on his body. The body may have to struggle with many types of diseases.

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Know that these Indicators also tell about the physical capacity of the body. The DOSI states that those who do not live with a good lifestyle, are of short age.

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