Largest research on Crocodile’s million-year-old extinct species, shocking claim in research

New Delhi: A rare species of crocodile, which went extinct millions of years ago, has been discovered in a remote and sparsely populated region of Australia. According to the report of the news agency Xinhua, ‘Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory recently announced that their team has created a new species of crocodile belonging to the Baru genus. species has been detected. Although his team has not given any name to it yet.

Earth Science curator claims

Adam Yates, the museum’s senior earth science curator, said the best part of a crocodile skull was found in 2009 in Alice Springs, central Australia. According to scientific research, this skull is 8 million years old, Yates said that Baru was comparable in size to a saltwater crocodile, but it must have been much heavier than them.

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the curator said, ‘This particular model is the last of its kind. Which is the best and complete part of the best condition of the crocodile of Baru species. Whose weight would have been close to several hundred kilos. Its thick, deep jaws and large teeth indicate that it was a giant crocodile.

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The official said that it would not have been difficult to compete with the big animals. Nowadays that is, modern crocodiles mostly survive on the prey of small fish and small sea creatures. But this species was recognized as a giant thing and a creature taking large doses.

Millions of years old history

According to research, crocodiles of Baru species lived in this part of the world i.e. Australia for 25 million years. This species of crocodile, which existed millions of years ago, was capable of hunting from turtles to dinosaurs. According to researchers, crocodiles of this species were up to 20 feet long when they were adults. They used to eat everything on earth that they wanted to eat.

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Earlier, according to the research of Harvard University’s Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Dr. Stephanie Pierce’s team, ancient crocodiles were of many types. Over time they learned to walk on land, swim in water, catch fish and eat plants. During the study, researchers studied 200 skulls and jaws collected from up to 230 million years ago.

These included crocodiles that had become extinct. The team discovered how different species of crocodiles had different skulls and jaws, and how they adapted themselves over time.

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