B'day special: faced difficulties in childhood, yet vice-captain of India

new Delhi: There are more than one talent in the Indian cricket team. But there have also been some players who, even if they did not become cricketers, would have made less recognition but as champions in any other sport. One such cricketer is the vice-captain of Team India's test team Ajinkya Rahane (Ajinkya Rahane). Perhaps some of you may be aware that Rahane was a very strong player in karate as well as cricket and he also got a black belt. But later it became very difficult for them to decide whether to pursue a career in karate or to continue cricket seriously. After this, Rahane, who left Karate to reach the post of vice-captain of Team India, is celebrating his 32nd birthday today i.e. on June 6.

Rahane's wife lived in the neighborhood
Rahane married Radhika Dhopavkar on 26 September 2014, whom he had loved since childhood. As a child, Radhika lived in the neighborhood of Rahane in Mulund, Mumbai. During this time, they first became friends and then the two fell in love. Radhika's family is originally from Pune. Both of them arranged the marriage after getting the consent of the families to get married. Rahane also addressed him as his best friend on his social networking account at the time of marriage. Both now have one year old daughter Arya.

Mother's hard work made a cricketer
At the time of Rahane's birth, his family lived in Ashvi Kad village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Rahane was given a cricket bat by his father Madhukar Baburao for the first time at the age of 7 and later shifted to Dombivali, Mumbai to get him good coaching. But the real hero of Rahane's career is his mother Sujata. In fact, Rahane's family was poor, so Nanhe Rahane had to walk on a daily journey of 2 kilometers from home to Cricket Academy. Rahane's mother used to walk with him daily to the academy with his heavy kitbag on one shoulder and Rahane's younger brother Shashank in the other hand. In this way, his mother has been a major contributor to Rahane's playing cricket.

Mother had got the first bat
When Rahane went to the academy, he had only canvas shoes on his feet. When someone offered to give him old bat and gloves at a cheap price, his mother got him some money from home expenses every month and got him the first bat. Rahane also says that if his mother did not encourage him step by step, it would have been impossible for him to become a cricketer.

Was very shy in childhood, had to undergo therapy
Rahane is known as the least spoken cricketer in Team India. As a child, he was very shy. To get rid of this habit, his father Madhukar had to join him in special classes and get his therapy done.

Got praveen amre's support
Rahane joined former Test cricketer Praveen Amre as a coach at the age of 17 and his life changed. He started his career at the age of 19 from the Mumbai team's match with Karachi Urban on Pakistani soil in 2007. He made his international debut for Team India in T20 against England on 31 August 2011 with his strong game. After this, he made his Test debut against England on 3 September 2014 and against Australia on 22 March 2013. He has scored 4,203 runs in 65 Tests with 11 centuries, 2962 runs with 3 centuries in 90 ODIs and 375 runs in 20 T20 matches.

Have hit 6 fours in an over
Rahane may be considered a Test match fit, but he has also become a cricketer with six consecutive fours in an over in the IPL. In IPL 2012, he opened the Rajasthan Royals side, the Royal Challengers Bangalore fast bowler S. Arvind had given 6 consecutive fours in an over.

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