Aamir Sohail told the real difference between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, know details

new Delhi: Former Pakistan captain Aamir Sohail is also like the batting of Team India captain Virat Kohli like the rest of cricketing giants. There is no doubt that Virat is the best batsman in the world today and his testimony gives a brilliant record of this. Virat has so far achieved 70 international centuries and today he is just 30 centuries behind Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) breaking the record of 100 centuries. Not only this, Virat has so far scored 7240 runs in Test cricket at an average of 53.62, while Virat is very close to scoring 12 thousand runs in ODIs. Apart from this, Virat is also the highest scoring batsman in T20I.

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Many cricket experts and former players, including AB de Villiers, Mohammad Yousuf and Brett Lee, continue to compare Virat Kohli with the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, but the last few For years Virat and Pakistan's current Captain Babar Azam are being discussed. In this connection, Aamir Sohail has expressed his views and said that there is no doubt that Virat is a great batsman, but Babar Azam and he have many similarities. Both play the same shot on the off-side, on the other side, both players are quite strong on the leg side as well and have the power to easily dominate the opposition team.

Sohail said in a conversation about this on his official YouTube channel, 'The similarity between Virat and Babar is that they score more than 40 percent runs through the boundary. Both players play really good drives and pull on the front foot. This shot is very effective for both those who punch between the point and cover by staying on the front foot on both the off-sides. Also, both of them open their wrists and guide the ball towards the thirdman.

Sohail advises Azam that he has a lot to learn from Virat, but the first thing he should learn from Virat is aggression. The Indian captain is known for playing aggressive cricket on the field and is well known for putting pressure on the bowlers of the opposition team. Virat's aggressive attitude makes him the most different and Sohail wants Azam to bring this quality of Virat within himself.

Sohail said, 'Attitude of both is same. There is a hunger to perform inside both. But the one thing Babur needs to learn from Kohli is aggression. Babur is cool on the ground. It may be that Kohli shows from the top that he is very aggressive but maybe it is very cool from inside. I think Babur needs to bring aggression in himself so that he can get benefit of it in the long run. Also start winning big tournaments for Pakistan.

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