Pandya misses T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh, explains Dhoni's strategy

new Delhi: Indian team all-rounder Hardik Pandya India has recalled the historic match of the 2016 T20 World Cup in which India hoisted the victory flag by returning to Bangladesh from the threshold of victory. In that match played in Bengaluru, India took 3 wickets off the last 3 balls and snatched the match from Bangladesh's mouth. Out of these 3, 2 wickets were catch-out while the last wicket was run-out for which Dhoni is always remembered.

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Bangladesh needed 11 runs in the last over. Mahmudullah (1) gave a strike to Mushfiqur Rahim with 1 run, who put the team on the cusp of victory by hitting 2 consecutive fours. But after this, two consecutive catch outs and the run-out by Dhoni on the last ball forced Bangladesh to defeat. Pandya said, “Had I been there at that time, I would have scored 1 run and would have won the victory and then played my signature shot. So I was thinking that if someone wants to take 1 run, then which will be the most difficult ball. '

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Pandya told, “I thought it was not easy to hit the back of the length ball and if you take 1 run on it, it is very difficult, but he went for the big shot and got out.” After Mushfiqur On the next ball, Mahmudullah also got out trying to play a big shot. Pandya said, 'I put the yorker on the next ball, and it became full. It was destiny, it happened because it was written, I did not do anything special. '

After this, Pandya told about the discussion with the then captain of the team MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) and Ashish Nehra, who was part of the team at that time. Pandya said, 'I don't remember clearly but some people said that put a bouncer, but Mahi Bhai and Ashu Bhai said that he is a lower-order batsman, he will rotate the bat and if he gets an edge then it can be a surprise Put off the off stump.

He said, 'I put the ball out a little and after that I lost my voice.' Pandya could not play this ball of Shuvagata Hom and the ball went to Dhoni who wore gloves in one hand, he While running very fast, he hit the ball in a hurry. The on-field umpire left the decision to the third umpire who declared Rahim out and India won.
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