Decision on T20 World Cup deferred, ICC said this on Women's World Cup -2021

Dubai: ICC In its board meeting held on Wednesday, it has decided to adopt a policy of stopping and waiting for the future of the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia this year. The ICC wants to examine the situation well before deciding on this tournament. Between 18 October and 15 November this year, Australia has to host the T20 World Cup but due to Corona virus, dark clouds are hovering over this tournament. The ICC and Cricket Australia are working hard to ensure that this tournament can be held on time.

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The ICC said in its statement, 'The ICC Board has decided today that they will continue to discuss options regarding the T20 World Cup -2020 and the Women's World Cup to be held next year and until next month when the situation becomes more clear This will be discussed. “The board has decided that it would like to review the constantly changing conditions caused by Kovid-19 and discuss with all stakeholders, including the government, how the tournament will be held,” the statement said. The tournament can be organized keeping in mind the health and safety of the people associated with it.

According to the statement, “In this strategy, we will constantly examine the condition of health, safety, cricket, partners and hosts and try to ensure that whatever decision is taken is taken into consideration with the game, the members and the fans.” ICC Chief Executive Manu Sawhney said, “The situation is constantly changing about this epidemic and we want to give ourselves the best opportunity before taking the right decision about the whole game.” The health of every person involved in this is our priority and the rest of the things are after that.

He said, 'We will have only one chance to take a decision and it should be right and hence we will continue to consult our members, broadcasters, partners, governments and sportspersons and try to ensure that after informing all of us Take the right decision. The ICC has been repeatedly saying that it is working on its potential planning, while before the meeting on 28 May, it was revealed that Cricket Australia had expressed its inability to host the tournament this year.

In its letter, the CA wrote that instead of postponing the World Cup, Australia should host the T20 World Cup to be held in 2021 next year. India has to host the 2021 T20 World Cup. But according to a BCCI official, the Indian board is not in a mood to exchange hosting.

After refusing the ICC first there, now the BCCI has given time till December to give information about the tax exemption in T20 World Cup -2021. The ICC had earlier rejected BCCI's plea to extend the deadline in this regard. According to the statement, “The board also discussed the issue of tax exemption in the ICC tournament and they agreed to give the BCCI time till December in this regard.”