Venkatesh Prasad's big statement on comparison of Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli, know what said

new Delhi: Former fast bowler of Team India Venkatesh Prasad Those are the names of Indian cricket that the fans remember for repeatedly beating Pakistan in the World Cup. After his retirement from cricket, Prasad was associated with Indian cricket in some form, first he became the bowling coach of Team India and after that he has been serving as a cricket expert till date.

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In such a situation, Prasad has ex-captain Sourav Ganguly And current captain Virat Kohli Has expressed its opinion on the similarities between the captaincy. According to Prasad, the captaincy of Ganguly and Virat is the same, but the biggest difference between the two captains is aggression. While Virat appears aggressive on the field every moment, Ganguly used to do this only occasionally.

Prasad said, 'I think there are a lot of similarities between Sourav and Virat, because Sourav too took over the captaincy at a time when a lot of negative things were going on in the team. Sourav actually made a lot of changes in the team. I think leadership skills were required at that time and this is what Saurav showed. He had an amazing leadership ability and set standards both as captain and player.

Prasad further said, 'Even then there were some shortcomings. When it came to Sourav's fitness or perhaps his fielding or whatever, it was fine. Which does not have flaws? But what was important at that stage was that he was a good captain and this is what Sourav showed everyone what a captain can do. He changed the team.

If Prasad is to be believed, Kohli's behavior on the field has never gone out, although there are many former players who believe that Virat gets over-aggressive at times. Talking about this, he said, 'In terms of aggression, Kohli is far ahead of former captain Sourav. Saurav never expressed his emotions. Only once did we see Sourav expressing his emotion. At the same time, Virat is very emotional and passionate. However, he is very aggressive on the field.

Venkatesh Prasad said, 'It does not mean that he gets out of control. People may feel that they have gone out of control but it is their aggression that keeps them in the game. This is easily visible, while Sourav's aggression was not visible except in a few incidents. '