Who says love is only once, this cricketer has got love 10 times

New Delhi: More than the discussion of former Australian cricketer Shane Warne about his game, he remains in the headlines about his personal life. Well, there is a saying that love happens only once, but this saying does not fit on Shane Warne. He gave his heart to many girls one after the other. He has loved so many girls in his life that you too will be surprised to know. By the way, in their list of girlfriends, there are many girls from models to actresses, so let's tell you about Shane Warne's affairs in this special story today.

Liz hurley
Shane Warne divorced Simone Callahan in 2005, after which Warne was constantly in the discussion due to his affairs. After the divorce, Shane Warne's affair with actress Liz Hurley was the longest and in discussion. Both met for the first time in the year 2010, but after 3 years i.e. in the year 2013, both of them broke up. According to the news, Liz Hurley's close relationship with one of her ex boyfriends is said to be the reason for the breakup of both.

Affair with two models at the same time
In the year 2006, Warne's name was clubbed with two models, one of whom was Boraeli from New Zealand and the other Emma was a TV presenter.

Law Student Catherine
Shane Warne was seen several times with London law student Katherine, who is almost 20 years younger than Shane Warne. According to the news, there was a very close relationship between the two.

Model emily
Emily and Warne first met in the year 2014 in the month of July. After which there was a lot of news about the affair between the two. Not only this, Shane Warne went on a tour of Europe with Emily and his three children, but this relationship also did not last, the two separated in just three months.

Warne is once again in the headlines for his love life. Warne's name nowadays is his best friend Michael Clarke Former wife of Kyly Boldy Is being linked with. According to the news, this Australian player is putting his head on Kylie. Actually, Warne is liking every photo of Kylie on social media, due to which it seems that he is very desperate to make close with Kylie. Remind you here that Clarke and Kylie got divorced earlier this year.

Apart from all this, Shane Warne's name is American Socialite Briny Edelstein, Business women Michelle mon, Model Simon Toon, Boutique worker Adele Angleri Has also been associated with