Venkatesh Prasad and Jayanti's love story is very filmy, know how did the proposal

New Delhi: No one has really said that love has no age, nor the clans of society can separate lovers. Where two hearts are united, then they do not see anything. The love story of cricketer Venkatesh Prasad is also similar. The love story of Venkatesh and Jayanti is quite filmy. Actually, the first meeting of the two was done in 1994 by Anil Kumble, a former player of Team India. Actually, Kumble was promoting the Titan brand in Bengaluru in those days and Jayanthi was its PRO.

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Venkatesh and Jayanthi became good friends only after their first meeting. Although the nature and outlook of the two were completely different from each other, while Venkatesh was calm and shy by nature, Jayanthi was adept at interacting with people and talking. Despite this, both of them started to accumulate quite well. Then slowly both of them started to meet and neither Venkatesh nor Jayanti came to know when they both gave heart to each other, but both knew that love has fallen, but Izhar-e was afraid of love. .

Venkatesh Prasad had revealed this during his interview in which he had said that Jayanti had proposed to him first, because if he was responsible for the proposal, he might never have told his heart to Jayanti. Not only this, Prasad also said that, when love started between the two, since then he was afraid to propose Jayanti, he always hesitated about this. Jayanti showed courage to express love. Jayanti proposed Venkatesh.

After dating each other for some time, the two decided to get married. But here the family and society interfered, because Jayanti was a divorced person. When news of their affair spread in the media, Prasad's family members got very angry. Apart from getting divorced, Jayanti was also 9 years older than Venkatesh, but Venkatesh's love was true due to which he managed to convince his family and the two got married on 22 April 1996. Today, even after so many years of marriage, Venkatesh and Jayanti are leading a happy life. They both have a son named Prithvi.