This veteran Indian shuttler started the exercise, also started push ups with Papa

new Delhi: After the ongoing lockdown due to Corona virus infection, life is starting to become normal, so the beauty of the sports world is also returning. In such a situation, the challenge for players to return to their fitness levels in the pre-lockdown period has started. As a result, almost every player has been able to rise to the top of light-weight fitness during lockdown.

To give Badminton the first Olympic medal of the country at the London Olympics Saina Nehwal Has also started working hard for his fitness for the new season. But Saina is working hard with her father Harvir Singh as well. One such funny video is shared by Saina in the story section of her Instagram.

Wrote, what is difficult friend
First Saina Nehwal herself shared the video while doing pushups in the gym. Uploaded in the story section, on this video, Saina has also written a caption that what is difficult to do push ups… Together they have posted two smiley laughs. After this, he has shared two videos of his father.

It is written that Papa is doing push ups … common father
In a video shared by Saina, her father is doing pushups in the drawing room of her house. Saina has written the caption on this, in a ridiculous way, Papa is doing push ups …. After this, she posted two laughing smiley, Common Papa … In this video, elderly Harveer Singh doing up to 10 push ups. And Saina is counting her. After this Harveer asks that all that was to be done was not.

Video also shared on Tiktok, fans taught patriotism
Saina has also shared her video of push ups in the gym on the Chinese social media video app Ticketok. In this video, a Hindi rock song is also going on in the background. Saina shared the video shared on Tiktok on her Instagram, then she has to face patriotic taunts from the fans. Many fans have taunted Tiktok for using it despite being a Chinese app and demanded to uninstall it immediately from their phones. However, Saina has not given any reply to these fans.