Harbhajan Singh apologizes to all doctors in India, know the real reason

new Delhi: After the end of the lockdown phase in the country, crowds have started appearing on the roads everywhere. Although no cure has been found so far for the corona virus infection epidemic, but perhaps the common man does not seem to care about his life. Former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh has expressed sorrow and anger over it. She has apologized to all the doctors of the country while sharing a painting on her Instagram story.

Doctor is disappointed to see the crowd shown in the painting
In the painting shared by former Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, a market has shown fierce crowd. Seeing that crowd, a doctor wearing a mask is shown sitting in a depressed state holding his forehead. Harbhajan has written on this painting, the present situation, sorry doctor, now you can relax, we are busy shopping, see you soon. Together, Bhajji has also shared two emojis expressing disappointment.

Turbanator has also shared the photo of the mask flag
Harbhajan, popularly known as Turbanator Singh during his career, has shared another photo together. In this photo, the surgical mask applied on the mouth is shown waving on the pole like a flag and along with the caption, One World, One Flag i.e. One World, One Flag. Although this photo is already becoming viral on social media, Harbhajan has also shared solidarity with appeals to protect the epidemic by masking this photo.

Harbhajan is also feeding the compulsions

Harbhajan Singh has also waged a campaign to not let the poor laborers and daily wage laborers be starved of earnings during the lockdown. They are providing food to a lot of people every day. At the same time, he has left no stone unturned to promote those who are joining this campaign in the name of 'food should'. They are promoting pictures of such people from their social media.