IPL to be held from September 20, BCCI eyeing these four places

The IPL could not be organized on time due to Corona virus. But now the BCCI has started exploring new options.

The BCCI has made one more step in the efforts of organizing the IPL. BCCI will give priority to a place where there are four cricket grounds (with lighted lights), many five star hotels. Apart from this, that place should not be affected by the monsoon. Not only this, BCCI will give priority to the place where corona is not there at all or its effect is very less. With these points, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly will ask his team to find a place for the IPL.

Till now the BCCI's problem was regarding the windows and dates for the IPL. But it is almost clear that IPL 13 can be held between September 20 and November 10. But the place of IPL has become a new problem for BCCI.

The BCCI has agreed to provide bio-secure environment to the players and officials in view of the threat of Corona virus. The BCCI wants to build a central base in one or two hotels so that the players can reach the ground safely through the bus. Since the IPL is organized without audience, the board only needs a floodlight stadium.

Given the Corona virus and monsoon, the BCCI needs at least three grounds. BCCI has four better options including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Dubai and Colombo. Andhra Pradesh can also prove to be a dog horse in the IPL race.

Priority for organizing India

There are four cricket grounds in Mysore and Alur along with Bengaluru. Karnataka Premier League matches are also hosted on these grounds. There will be no problem with the weather even if four matches are organized in Bengaluru.

Although Chennai has become the hub of the corona virus, there are other districts in Tamil Nadu where there are many plains with floodlight facility. TNPL and Ranji matches are played on these grounds. All these matches are telecasted on Star Support only, so there will be no problem regarding the broadcast.

Apart from these, the BCCI is also looking at Colombo as an option. Colombo has three grounds in the same city and also three more international stadiums close to the city. The distance from the city to these three plains is less than an hour.

Dubai has shown interest in hosting the IPL. But the BCCI's inclination is towards Sri Lanka. The controversy over the cancellation of the June series due to IPL in Sri Lanka will also end.

However, Dubai has experience of hosting IPL. But the priority of BCCI is to organize IPL with Indian staff so that the economy of the country benefits. Among all these, Mumbai was the best option for the BCCI, but Corona's havoc has completely eliminated that possibility.

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