Fans will be able to enjoy the game on the ground again in France, so many thousands of spectators will be allowed

In France, football matches are still being held without spectators on the field. But soon the fans will be able to go to the ground and watch the match.

Sports have suffered heavily due to the Corona virus. However, efforts were made to get the Games back on track from the end of last month. In some countries, football matches are being organized without spectators. However, France has now taken another step towards doing things again. In France, the stadiums will be reopened for spectators from 11 July.

According to the BBC report, after the stadium opens for fans then 5000 spectators will be allowed to watch the match in the stadium. Later viewership can also increase. The BBC quoted the French government as saying, “The national epidemic situation will be reviewed in mid-July to determine what is possible for the second part of August”.

Earlier, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that sports stadiums that have a seating capacity of 40,000 spectators will be allowed to host matches or tournaments with 10,000 spectators from next month.

Let us know that apart from football, cricket is going to return soon. From next month in England, the host team will start a three-match Test series with the West Indies. However cricket matches will be held without audience. Pakistan's team will arrive in England to play Test series.

Apart from this, preparations have also begun for the 13th season of the world's most popular cricket league IPL. The BCCI has indicated that the 13th season of the IPL can be organized in August without an audience.

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