'Sultan of Multan' Veeru shared amazing video, you will be surprised to see

new Delhi: Not only in Indian cricket, the famous former batsman Virender Sehwag named 'Sultan of Multan' all over the world, in the same way in which he used to bat in the cricket field, in the same way, he is also batting on social media. Whether they have comments or videos, the level of 'sense of humor' appears very high in everything. That is why his fans are waiting for new posts every moment. Veeru has now shared two such funny videos, which are sure to make you laugh. Also, even the surprise cannot be seen on your face.

Sage found riding cycle without handle-brake
Virender Sehwag has shared a video on his Instagram, in which a sadhu Maharaj is riding a bicycle with a mace on his shoulder. The special thing was that there was neither handle in this cycle and when there was no handle, there was no question of braking. While sharing this video, Sehwag wrote, 'Hanuman devotee in Rohtak, cycling without a handle and brake.'

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After watching the video, the monk started showing tricks, Veeru warned the fans
Interestingly, Sadhu Maharaj too got excited after watching his video being made and started showing amazing tricks. The monk made a palathi-like position on the cycle pole. Veeru was surprised to see this, but he also warned his fans. He wrote with the hashtag, 'Don't try to do this.'

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Share your own funny video, doing this work to reduce stomach
Veeru has also shared a funny video with his fans. In this video shared keeping International Yoga Day in mind, Veeru is doing a very difficult exercise to reduce the increased belly during lockdown. This exercise is 'squat walk.' In this exercise, Sehwag is sitting on his toes and after joining the two knees, trying to lift the back slightly. A funny music is playing in the background. He wrote praising yoga in its caption, 'It may take some time, but it will be done only by yoga.' Together, he has also shared the hashtag of International Yoga Day.