Raina tries her hand at singing on World Music Day, singing with this singer

new Delhi. Suresh Raina is an Indian cricketer and an agile fielder. We know both these things. But inside Suresh Raina, many things are hidden apart from cricket, who besides those living near him, there is probably very little known among others. One of these characteristics is his passion for singing. Raina sings very well, this is disclosed many times by his fellow cricketers in his interview. Whether in the dressing room of Team India or Chennai Superkings in IPL or Uttar Pradesh in Ranji Trophy, fellow cricketers everywhere have got the chance to enjoy old filmy tones in Raina's melodious voice. Raina has also given his fans a chance to get a feel of this sweet voice on the occasion of World Music Day on 21 June. She has sung a song, which she shared on her Instagram.

The song is sung together with Sid-K
Suresh Raina, along with YouTuber singer and composer Sid-K, has enjoyed the song, which Sid-K has also shared on YouTube. The song “Ek Stranger Hasina Se Yun Mein Ho Gayi” from an old Hindi film has been composed by Sid-K with a new tune by his talent. Sid-K and Raina have hummed the lines of this song together on the same tune. In its video shared on Instagram, Sid-K is also playing the guitar, while Raina is standing and humming the lines with him. Sharing it, Raina wrote in the caption, “Straight from the heart. #Worldmusicday music is like meditation for me in every aspect. Before the match or after winning the match. The music keeps me awake, so today some of my favorite songs are my Talented brother-in-law with Sid-K. On the occasion of World Music Day, it's straightforward. ”

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Sid told his dream to be fulfilled
Sid-K has also shared the same video on his Instagram and described it as a dream come true. Sid wrote in the caption, “Sharing the screen with Suresh Raina Bhai and organizing the jam together, on the occasion of World Music Day and Father's Day, it is a dreamlike feeling.” Sid further recalled his father, writing, “It seems as if my dad has sent blessings from heaven. I miss you and hope to make you feel happy and proud.”

Suresh Raina has also sung a song in a film

Suresh Raina has also previously sung a song in a film “Meerutia Gangsters”. The music of that film was released by Zee Music. The video of Suresh singing a song was widely discussed on YouTube. Apart from this, in a function of BCCI, Raina's video has been shared while singing songs with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh.