Former India cricketer BS Chandrasekhar suffered stroke, hospitalized

Bengaluru: Former India cricketer BS Chandrasekhar had a stroke, though now his condition has improved. He has been admitted to a city hospital.

His wife Sandhya Chandrasekhar (BS Chandrasekhar) Bhagwat said, ‘His condition has improved. He will return home on Wednesday or Thursday ‘.

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The 75-year-old former India spinner was admitted to the hospital on Friday due to fatigue and tongue twitching.

BS Chandrasekhar’s condition improves

He was treated in neurology on the advice of doctors. He was kept in an emergency medical unit at Astor RV Hospital.

His wife said that now he is in the general ward and his physiotherapy is going on.

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Sandhya said, ‘There is some kind of obstruction in his mind. It was a very light stroke. He will recover completely in a week or two. There is no fatal disease. Tell his fans that he is fine. He is strong willed ‘.

Please tell that Chandrasekhar (BS Chandrasekhar) took 242 wickets in 58 Tests in his 16-year career.

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