Pragyan Ojha gave a befitting reply to Rihanna’s tweet on Farmers Protest, saying- ‘Do not knock your nose in internal matters’

new Delhi: International pop star Rihanna gave her support to the farmers who are protesting on the borders of Delhi against the three agricultural laws introduced by the central government and asked why people are not talking about it. Rihanna spoke on Twitter, after which former Indian team spinner Pragyan Ojha (Pragyan Ojha) has given him a befitting reply.

What did Rihanna say?

Rihanna, a 32-year-old pop star, has taken the side of farmers by sharing the news of a news website in several districts of Delhi’s neighboring state of Haryana when the internet was shut down. Rihanna wrote, ‘Why are we not talking about this?’ Along with this, he has also recorded #FarmersProtest in his tweet.

Ojha did not like Rihanna

Rihanna Ojha (Rigyan Ojha) did not like the point of Rihanna on the farmers movement and has responded to this tweet in a very sharp manner. Ojha while replying to Rihanna in one of his tweets said, ‘My country is proud of our farmers and knows how important they are. I believe it will be resolved soon. We do not need to sneak an outsider’s nose in our internal affairs.

Bollywood ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut also gave a befitting reply

This thing of Rihanna did not go well with Bollywood ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut and she also responded to this tweet in a befitting manner. Kangana said, ‘Nobody is talking because they are terrorists, not farmers, who want to divide India. So that China takes over our country and makes it a Chinese colony like America. Sit quietly idiot. We are not fools like you who sell your country.

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