IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli is ready to fire in fourth test, Ponting’s world record at stake

New Delhi: At present, Indian team captain Virat Kohli is considered one of the best batsmen in the world. Virat Kohli has acquired several big batting records in a short span of time. In the last match of the four-match series against England, Virat will be eyeing a big record of former Australia captain Ricky Ponting. India is ahead 2–1 in the four-match series.

Ponting can leave behind in centuries

Virat Kohli has 41 international centuries as the captain of the Indian team. Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting also scored 41 centuries while captaining Australia. In such a situation, in the fourth match against England, it can break the world record of Ricky Ponting. In his captaincy in international cricket, no one has more centuries than Virat Kohli and Ponting.

Behind Tendulkar and Ponting in terms of most centuries

The record of highest centuries in international cricket is in the name of India’s great batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin has hit 100 centuries in his career. Sachin has scored 51 centuries in Test cricket, while 49 centuries have come in his ODI career. While Ricky Ponting has 71 centuries in his name. Talking about Virat Kohli at the same time, he is third in this episode and his name has reached 70 centuries, out of which 27 centuries have come in Test cricket while 43 centuries have come in ODIs. Virat Kohli will also have a chance to match Ponting in the case of most centuries.

For a long time, Virat did not hit the century

Virat Kohli has not hit a single century in international cricket for a long time. The last time Virat Kohli hit a century in the Day Night Test against Bangladesh in 2019, since then he has not hit a single century. This is the first time in Virat Kohli’s career when he has not hit a century in such a long time. Virat Kohli will be expected against England to end the drought of his centuries.

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