Twitter Testing New Feature, By This Users May Be Prompted To Open Articles Before Retweeting

Social media platform Twitter is going to test the new feature.

Will prompt user to open article before retweet of a post.

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is testing a new feature to promote 'information-filled discussion'. In this feature, the user will be given an option to retweet the tweet containing any article on his handle whether he wants to read it.

If you are an active user of Twitter and want to tweet an unread article, you can get an option soon. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that the testing of the new feature is going to begin. By retweeting the article or post, users can send their comments by adding their comments in the post. But now the social media network is going to control the spread of such information. Its purpose is to help promote informed discussion.

Twitter tweeted information

Twitter tweeted, “The conversation can be taken forward by sharing the article. If you want to read the post before tweeting, then soon the option is going to be available. When you retweet an article even though you have not opened the article on Twitter, Twitter will ask you if you would like to open it first? It is being said that his initiative will be helpful in curbing the flow of misinformation. However, he did not disclose how long his work will be done? “

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