Hackers Breached Into 3 Lakh Nintendo Users Accounts Company Issues Apology

Japan's gaming company Nintendo has said that customers whose accounts have been fraudulently purchased will be refunded full amount from the company. Also, the company pledged to strengthen security further.

The hackers are trying to take advantage of this, amid increased demand for online service and work amid Corona virus lockdown. A similar case has emerged in Nintendo (Nintendo), one of the biggest companies in the gaming world. Hackers entered the account of thousands of users of this Japanese company and got their personal information. According to the company, about 3 lakh accounts have become victims of this.

Burglary in 3 lakh accounts

According to the report of Gadgets 360, all these cases are after April 2020. Although the company has told that the hackers were not able to get sensitive details like any user's credit card, but they have obtained personal information like date of birth and email. The company issued a statement apologizing to its customers.

The company said, “We have also apologized for the problems and concern the customers have had.” We will increase security more so that it does not happen again. ”

According to the company's statement, for the first time in April, hacking was reported in 1 lakh 60 thousand accounts and after that, hackers managed to break into 1 lakh 40 thousand accounts.

Company will pay compensation to customers

Hackers infiltrated Nintendo's network ID, allowing them to access Nintendo accounts. Through this, purchases are made from the company's online store.

The company said in its statement that these fake purchases are a very small part of the company's total sales. The company has also pledged to the customers that the accounts with which such fraud occurred, the company will return the price to them.

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