Twitter introduced Gratitude Emoji to thank Corona Fighters; Can be used by typing #thankful, #gratitude | Twitter introduced Gratuit Emoji to thank Corona Fighters; Can be used by typing #thankful, #gratitude or #thank

  • Since March 15, over 25 crore tweets with gratitude emoji have been done worldwide.
  • The company said that the number of sending gratitude emojis is 26 percent higher than the February average.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 15, 2020, 01:17 PM IST

new Delhi. Twitter has introduced Gratuit and Thankful Emoji to create a positive atmosphere on its platform. They have been launched to greet the Corona fighters fighting Corona with full passion in this hour of crisis. To use it, the user has to type #thankful, #gratitude or #thank in the post. It will start appearing as you type. It is available in many languages. Let us know that some time back Facebook also added 'Care' emoji on the platform.

More than 25 crores tweets to give Gratuit since March 15
Twitter said that since March 15 to date, more than 250 million tweets have been tweeted with Gratitude emoji worldwide, which is 26% higher than in February. Most of these tweets are related to Corona Fighters, who are trying to protect people from Corona without fear even under difficult circumstances. People are also using prayer and clapping emoji in honor of doctors and corona warriors. These are increasing by 50 per cent and 10 per cent respectively. On the occasion of World Health Day, most people have used the clap.

Twitter official tweet

Twitter tweeted from its official Twitter handle and said that- “To whom do we see people expressing gratitude? The most common word is 'everybody'. Everyone who is an essential worker. Everyone has helped. Everyone in healthcare. Everyone who has arrived. Everyone “This tweet further reads,” We are giving a different way to express your gratitude (Gratitude). We have created an emoji that you can use with #thankful hashtag or other hashtag #gratitude (in many languages). can do.”

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