Twitter would really like you to read stories before you share them | Alert will be made before retweeting any post on Twitter, you will get the option to open and read it before sharing the post.

  • Twitter is going to test the new feature
  • Help to control fake news
  • Indian users get new feature 'Fleets'

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 03:44 PM IST

new Delhi. If you share a post or article on Twitter or retweet it in the language of Twitter, then Twitter may ask you to read that post before sharing it. That is, Twitter will give you the option to read any post before sharing it. Actually, the company is going to take a new step to prevent the spread of misinformation on the micro-blogging platform. Twitter is testing a new feature. In this feature, the user will be given an option to retweet a tweet containing any article on his handle whether he wants to read it.

Motive is to crack down on misinformation

According to the company, this feature will soon be tested on Android phones. Once successful in the test, this feature will be opened for common users. In this regard, Twitter itself has shared this thing with people from its official account. On Wednesday, the company gave the company information about the new feature, saying that Twitter is making such an effort to crack down on misinformation and harmful content.
From now on users will receive a warning while retweeting any article or post. It will contain a link to the article that users can read before posting. So that no such news is spread in a hurry whose credibility is doubted.

Twitter tweeted information

Twitter tweeted, “The conversation can be taken forward by sharing the article. If you want to read the post before tweeting, then soon the option is going to be available. When you retweet an article even though you have not opened the article on Twitter, Twitter will ask you if you would like to open first? ”
Twitter has been accused of spreading misinformation, including political users and famous celebrities. It is believed that his initiative will help in curbing the flow of misinformation.

Let me tell you that recently, Twitter added a warning label to the tweet of US President Donald Trump. This warning label is to show that the trump has tweeted is wrong. However, after this move of Twitter, Donald Trump now accused him of stopping free speech and interfering in the presidential election.

Twitter will bring new feature 'Fleets' for Indian users

On the other hand, Twitter has also announced to launch its 'Fleets' feature in India. After Brazil and Italy, India will be the third country in the world where the company will present this feature.
Twitter said in a statement that this will enable users to share content that will automatically disappear in 24 hours. The company said in a statement that the fleet could not be retweeted. Neither can it be liked or commented on. If someone also wants to respond to such messages, then he can continue the conversation by sending a message directly to the user in the inbox.

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