Facebook Registers Complaint Against Indian Proxy Service Company For Domain Name Fraud

Facebook said that the Indian company was using the domain name in the name of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook associated with it. The company has filed a lawsuit in Virginia.

Facebook, one of the world's largest companies in the field of technology, is taking legal action against an Indian company for misusing the name of its own and other companies. The Indian company offers proxy service and Facebook alleges that this company is using names like WhatsApp and Instagram and Facebook.Steps to protect against online fraud

According to the report, Facebook has filed a lawsuit against Indian company Compsys Domain Solutions Private Limited in Virginia, USA. Company official Christen DuBois said in a blog post that the company has filed a case against 12 domains registered on behalf of the proxy service Compassis Domain Solutions Pvt Ltd in India.

Christen told that the company has taken this step to protect its users from online fraud. He said that to keep people in confusion, domain names like facebook-verify-inc.com, instagramhjack.com and videocall-whatsapp.com were created.

Compsys did not respond

He said that Facebook had contacted the Indian company for information regarding these domains, but no response was received from Compsys. He said that to protect against online fraud, the company regularly monitors the Internet so that no one can misuse the trademark associated with the company. There is no response from Compsys on all this yet.

This is not the first time that Facebook has taken such a step against a company. Even before this, the company had filed a lawsuit against the company named Namecheap in March itself.

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