Apple Announces Date For Its Wwdc 2020 From 22 June To 26 June 23 Million Developers To Participate

Apple is having this conference with its developers present in the world in which more than 23 million developers are participating. In this, the company can have a glimpse of its new operating systems.

Apple, the world's largest technology company, is known for its specialty products. Many teams are engaged to make these products, who keep trying to bring new technology to the general public. Apple holds a worldwide conference only with such developers. This conference is going to be online in 2020 and Apple has announced its dates.

IOS14 and macOS will be seen in the event

The American company has said that its Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 (WWDC 2020) will start from June 22. The company announced the date of the event on 11 June. The company has claimed that this conference will be the biggest such event in which 23 million developers of the company will participate in the world.

It is believed that in this event, the company will give information about all the upcoming updates and new operating systems this year. In addition to iPhone's upgraded operating system iOS14, a glimpse of iPad OS, MacOS and watchOS will be seen in this event.

22nd to 26th June

This event will run from 22 June to 26 June. On the first day there will be a Keynote address which will be given from the headquarters 'Apple Park' in the company's Cupertino. It will be broadcast live on all platforms of the company including

In the next 3 days, all developers will be able to learn from the experience of Apple's engineers how the company develops its apps. During this time they will be given all kinds of technical details. The company will also upload a video of all sessions every day.

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