Zoom App Shuts Down Chinese Activists Account For An Organizing Meeting To Commemorate Tianamen Square Anniversary

On May 31, a Chinese activist based in the US held a video conference on the anniversary of Tinamain Square. Just a week later, Zoom closed the activist's account.

The online video conferencing platform 'Zoom' gained a lot of buzz amid worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus. In offices around the world, it was used continuously for conference calls during 'work from home' mode. Meanwhile, Zoom has also been subjected to criticism due to different reasons and another episode has been added in this episode, which has raised questions on this platform.

A few days ago, the company was accused that it was stealing users' data and selling them at high prices. After this controversy, there were reports that its use was banned in many offices.

The video conference was on the 31st anniversary of Tinamen Square

Zoom has been accused of shutting down the account of a Chinese activist living in the US. According to reports, a recent conference was held by Chinese activist Zhu Fengsuo, which was based on the 31st anniversary of the 1989 Tianmen Square incident in China.

According to the report of Gadgets Now, on May 31, around 250 people took part in this online event. However after this, when Zhu tried to log in again on June 7, he received a message that his account has been closed.

According to the report, Zhu contacted the company via e-mail and wanted to know the reason for this, but he did not get any reply from the company. At the same time, the organizers of this conference expressed their displeasure at this decision of the company.

Reactivated account

Talking to the American website Axios.com, Zoom said that as a global company, they have to follow the laws of every country. The company said that when people from different countries take part in an event, the people who take part also have to follow the laws of their country. The company said in the statement that the account of the actor living in America has been reactivated.

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