Consumer News In Hindi: Car buying trend seen, 99% of old customers and 77% of customers are searching for new cars | Car buying trend seen, 99% of old customers and 77% of customers are searching for new cars

  • Customers are showing interest in cars of all segments after lockdown.
  • Car recovery rate is for old cars between one and five lakh rupees.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 03:27 PM IST

new Delhi. Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly, with cases increasing day by day. The lockdown has been waived and unlock-1 has started. In such a situation, car enthusiasts are coming back to the market again. It is reported that 99 percent of the old cars customers have returned to the market. While 77 percent of customers are searching for a new car of their choice.

According to Car (, there is a good recovery in customer traffic in the car segment. 77 percent of the customers in old cars are currently searching for cars. A study of the company showed this. According to this, after the lockdown is over, customers are showing interest in cars of all segments. It has more customers coming from hatchbacks to low-budget cars.

Traffic for new car from Orange and Green Zone

According to the study, traffic is coming from the Orange and Green zones for the new car. In this, 84 percent recovery is visible from these zones. However, this recovery from the Red Zone is looking at 58 percent. This shows that the customer sentiment is improving. However, it has shown strong improvement in the Green and Orange zones.

Highest search in sedan car on the range of 15-20 lakh rupees

According to the report, the recovery rate of the car is for old cars between one and five lakh rupees. The highest demand is coming in this. While in the SUV segment, the car has a higher share of Rs 5 to 15 lakhs. The range of 15-20 lakh rupees is being searched the most in sedan cars. During this period, MUVs worth Rs 10 lakh are being searched more. Talking about the premium segment, its stock is quite low. Its volume is 10 percent. It has the lowest recovery rate of 50 percent.

In the mid-segment, Honda tops the list with 7 percent.

According to the study, Maruti and Tata cars are the most searched customers. Maruti has 23 per cent share in new car traffic. At the same time, Honda is at the top with 7 percent in the mid-segment. The rest constitute 4-5 percent of the segment. The study was conducted between 17 February and 17 March. While another study was done from mid-March to mid-April. After that the third study was done between 12 May to 28 May. In this way, this trend of customers has been detected from a three-time study.

Maharashtra has the highest traffic for used cars

According to the study, it was also seen that Orange Zone is getting the most search for old cars. Karnataka is also at the top in this. The highest traffic for old cars in the Red Zone is coming from Maharashtra. Kar Dekho's founder Amit Jain says that the pre, mid and post lockdown has shown an impact on car traffic in all segments. The business of new cars and old cars is now improving a little bit.

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