Top Tips To Save Your Smartphone From Hackers All You Need To Know

If you also want to protect your smartphone from hackers, then here we are telling you some important tips which will prove beneficial for you.

new Delhi: Without smartphones, people can get an idea of ​​how life will be today. Every month smartphone sales are increasing. But as new smartphones are coming and many apps are coming, questions are also being raised on the safety of smartphones. People do online shopping and transactions and hackers keep an eye on it. Here we are telling you some such tips which can save your smartphone.

App from such place download not Do the

Never download the app on your phone from any third party site, it can be dangerous to do so. Because sometimes there are some such links which can damage your phone. So always download the app from play store and app store.

Strong Password

Always use strong passwords in your smartphone, weak passwords often fall prey to hackers. Never use your name and date of birth in a password.

smartphone To Do the Update

Keep updating your smartphone from time to time, by doing this, hackers will not be able to hack your personal information. Not only this, on updating the phone, there are many security features with Android Security Patch, which are quite beneficial.

Messaging The app Used Do the

Experts believe that it is right to use the messaging app, because these apps keep the data of users safe, and these also provide safety features, whereas on ordinary message platforms nothing like this happens.

Avoid doing this

Never share your personal details on Whatsapp or call, doing so can also be a big burden on you. Often hackers live in the eyes of such people who share their personal details. So avoid doing this.

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