Facebook Search Will Show Wikipedia Results Company Starts Pilot Project To Test The New Feature

The purpose of Facebook is that users do not have to switch from its platform to other apps or tabs for information on any subject. Through this, Facebook will help to keep users engaged for a long time on its platform.

Facebook, the largest company of social media platforms, adopts new ways to maintain and grow its user base. The company always offers different features to keep its platform entertaining and engaging for users. Now the company is going to start such a feature, so that users can get information about any topic on Facebook itself.You will get information on any topic

According to the report of Gadgets 360, Facebook is now bringing a knowledge box with Wikipedia in order to compete with Google, the store of information and knowledge, so that users will get information about any subject, personality, location there. That is, if you type in the search bar of Facebook for information about any topic, the information about the wikipedia associated with it will come in a box on the side.

In addition, if there is a Facebook or Instagram account associated with that subject (or personality or place), then it will also appear with it. Also, a link to ‘Also See’ will also come, so that the other information related to it can also be found.

This is exactly the same as when searching on Google, a small box comes in the side, in which basic information related to that topic is found. This is called the 'Knowledge Panel' of Google.

Currently only pilot project

The main purpose of the company behind this new step is that if any user reads something about a topic on Facebook and wants to know something else on it, then they should not go separately to Google or any other search engine Lying.

However, this feature of Facebook is currently running as a 'pilot project' and it may take time to launch fully.

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