WhatsApp Coronavirus Fact Check Chatbot Now Has Hindi Language Support To Verify Fake News Related To Pandemic

WhatsApp launched a chatbot with IFCN last month to identify and expose fake news related to coronaviruses and give correct information to people.

In order to stop the growing cases of fake news during the Corona era, instant messenger service WhatsApp started a chatbot with an international agency. Now keeping the Indian population in mind, Hindi language has also been added to it, so that more and more people in the country can take advantage of it. Earlier it was only available with English and Spanish language support.WhatsApp last month joined the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) to stop fake news. The network, created by the Poynter Institute of America, created a chatbot for WhatsApp, which would help identify and prevent fake information, especially related to COVID-19.

Chatbots will be useful in India!

By adding Hindi language to this chatbot, an important step has been taken to stop the spread of fake news to the large population of India. This step has become even more important at a time when there is a record increase in the number of corona cases in the country and India has reached number four in terms of highest number of infections worldwide.

WhatsApp users can connect with the local fact checker through this and will be able to identify fake news or messages. These professional fact checkers are also associated with different media organizations.

According to a statement issued by IFCN, since January, 80 fact-checking organizations present in 74 countries have sensitized people by finding out 6,600 rumors or misinformation related to Corona.

Chatbot will be found from this number

To start this chatbot in your account, users have to save the same number in their phone. This number issued by IFCN is – +1 (727) 2912606. By saving this number, users just have to type 'Hi' and message on WhatsApp and it will start on the chatbot user's application.

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