Adobe Photoshop Camera App Now Available As Free Download On Google Playstore & Ios App Store

This new app from Adobe has come to the Play Store and App Store. Through this application, users will be able to select any filter or effect and take a photo as well as edit it again later.

The era of mobile photography and videography has completely changed. At present, the high end camera present in the smartphone can compete with any common professional camera. Along with this, many types of editing apps have made it even easier to make photos beautiful. In the current era, photography enthusiasts take good photos using these apps with any average smartphone camera, but now Adobe has also made their famous product Photoshop available for mobile.Artificial intelligence will help

Adobe Photoshop is the most used software for editing from professional to personal level. The editing features present in it are better than any other software. In such a situation, if you get a chance to use it in mobile phone also, the work becomes easy.

Keeping this in mind, Adobe has launched a new mobile app, named Adobe Photoshop Camera. By the way, many apps related to Adobe Photoshop are already present in Play Store or App Store. Actually, this app has been created keeping in mind the content creators and influencers of social media in the current era, so that they can continuously give a great color to their social media posts.

However, it is not like standard Photoshop. This new app relies on the company's Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based platform 'Sensei'. This new app makes automatic correction for any photo, which takes into account the colors of the photo so that the edited photo looks better than before.

Automatic Best Settings Selection for Photos

The special thing is that it automatically decides the best setting for any photo and if you are expert in editing, then the option of manual settings is also available. Along with this, it also has many filters / effects, which will help to make the photo great. Apart from this, users can also download and use many types of lenses in it.

The most special thing. This app is available for free in Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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