Facebook tool converts smartphone photos into 3D images in a jiffy | Users will be able to convert any 2D image to 3D in a few seconds, Facebook researchers create new system

  • Users will be able to use the new technology on any mobile device
  • Researchers told that Facebook AI's help was taken to design the system

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Jun 26, 2020, 07:30 PM IST

New York. Facebook researchers have designed an end-to-end system. This will enable users to convert 2D pictures taken from smartphones into 3D for a few seconds. The researchers point out that the new framework provides users with a more practical approach to 3D photography, as well as suggesting several new designs.
Users will be able to use this technology on any mobile device and convert 2D images to 3D in real time, without any professional photography skills. This process takes only a few seconds to complete and this system can work on all kinds of new and old photographs.

System will work on any phone

  • In the beginning, all the photos were black and white and granules, then color photography came in, and then digital photography gave us higher quality and better-resolution photos, said Johannes Koff, the lead author and research scientist of the work on Facebook.
  • After all, these days we have 3D photography, which makes the photos feel much more vibrant and real. 2D to 3D photo technology has been available on Facebook as a “photo feature” since late 2018. But to use this feature, Facebook users were required to take a photo from a phone with a dual-lens camera.
  • Now, the Facebook team has added an algorithm that estimates the depth of 2D input images on its own and the special thing is that this technology can be used on any mobile device.

Facebook AI's help was taken to build the system

  • Researchers train through crores of 3D images available in the public domain to improve the new system. For this, the help of Facebook AI was taken. The framework also includes text inputting of 2D input images and converting geometry capture to 3D, creating images that look more vibrant and vibrant.
  • Every automated step that converts a user's 2D photo directly from their mobile device is optimized to run on a variety of make and model and is capable of working with the device's limited memory and data-transfer capabilities .
  • The team said that – Users get instant satisfaction from this because 3D results are generated within few seconds.

Facebook is preparing a system to detect high quality depth

  • Researchers at Facebook are working towards new and inventive ways to create high quality 3D experiences, advancing computer vision, graphics, and machine learning.
  • For the future the team is investigating machine-learning methods that will be able to estimate high-quality depth for videos taken with a mobile device. Facebook researchers are set to showcase their system at the SIGGRAPH 2020 conference in August.

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