Samsung Pay will launch debit card soon | Samsung Pay will also launch debit card soon, customers will have ease of shopping

  • New debit card will be launched with the participation of personal financial company SoFi
  • Will be linked to the checking account, the company will release more information soon

Dainik Bhaskar

May 08, 2020, 05:22 PM IST

new Delhi. South Korean giant Samsung Electronics will also soon launch a debit card called Samsung-Pay. For this, Samsung has partnered with personal finance company SoFi. Song Ahn, vice president and general manager of Samsung Pay in North America, gave this information in a blog post. Currently the company offers mobile payment services in the name of Samsung Pay.

This debit card will be linked to the checking account

He said that this debit card will be linked to a checking account. This will be a type of cash management account. This will give a new experience to Samsung Pay customers. Samsung wants to expand its payment service Samsung-Pay to help customers in shopping. However, the company has not given much information regarding how this card will work, etc. Song has said that in the coming weeks, the information about this card will be given by the company in detail.

There is a competition between Apple and Google

Samsung is getting tough competition from tech giants Google and Apple in the payment sector. These two companies are providing similar fintech solutions. Apple is providing custom payment solutions through Apple Pay and Apple Card in the market so far. According to a recent report, Google is also in the process of developing physical and virtual debit cards. According to the report, Google is currently developing its virtual debit and credit card, which customers can use while making a mobile phone or online shopping.

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