Zoom meetings will require passwords by default from May 9, enhanced encryption coming on May 30 | Password protection will be available for zoom meetings and webinars, free from May 9 and will be applicable from May 30 on education and enterprise accounts

  • 100 participants in the free version of Zoom and 500 in paid version can do video conferencing.
  • The company is also changing the encryption standard to make the app safer.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 06, 2020, 06:17 PM IST

new Delhi. Controversial video conferencing app Suraksha seems to be getting tighter. The company said that now a zoom meeting or webinar, including pre-scheduled events, will soon get by default password protection, which will help keep an eye on the growing threat of zoom bobbing. This facility will be applicable from May 9 on free and basic account and from May 30 on Pro, API, Business, Education and Enterprise accounts.

This feature is part of the new zoom update 5.0

  • The company is also going to implement AES 256-bit GCM encryption in the app from May 30. The company claims that this will make the app more private and secure than before. Both of these updates are part of the larger and more comprehensive 5.0 5.0 update of the app. Zoom says this is an important part of their 90-day planning, which is to identify, locate and secure the platform's security and Gopania capability. While the company has started rolling out some features of the Zoom 5.0 update, it is also expected to drop the entire update by May.
  • Zoom has enabled default passwords for a lot of users, which clearly indicates that the password will be mandatory for all zoom meetings. However, it will be applicable to all at the end of May. Lack of password protection makes it more likely that the zoom meeting may be hacked because hackers can ambush it at any time.

Password must always be entered after inserting ID
By default zoom has added the password to the meeting and webinar links. If the participant clicks on this link, they will not need to enter a password to join it, but if the user enters a manual meeting or webinar ID, they will always have to enter the password.

Encryption standard is being improved
Another change that is being made in the app is that the encryption of zoom is being increased. Zoom is updating the encryption to the standard AES 256-bit GCM. Which is better than the old AES-256 ECB standard. The company claims that it will provide better security than before.

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