LG Opens Bookings | LG Opens Bookings for LG G8X ThinQ, Smart TVs, ACs, Other Consumer Electronics With Cashback Offers in Tow | LG started pre-booking of many products including phones, 5 thousand rupees on foldable phones. So on booking a TV, 15 thousand rupees. Getting a discount of up to

  • Will be able to book by 15 May, delivery will begin after the lockdown is over.
  • Customers will get the benefit of these offers only before 30th May.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 04, 2020, 04:13 PM IST

new Delhi. In order to know the trend of people during lockdown, LG has started registration of many home appliances such as TVs, Fridges, including smartphones. After purchasing the foldable phone LG G8X ThinQ, customers will get an instant discount of 5 thousand rupees and a Bluetooth headset of two thousand rupees, then cashback of up to 15 thousand rupees is being given on buying the TV. At the same time, up to 12.5 percent cashback is being given on other home appliances including AC, fridge and washing machine. The company has released a dedicated site, which has given information about all products and their related offers. Customers will be able to pre-booking by May 15.

You will get it only when you buy before 30 May.

The company has released a dedicated site, with pre-booking of selected products even during lockdown. Although the sale of non-essential items is currently banned in the country, the company is pre-booking only to know the trend of customers so that it can be estimated how many people will buy them after the lockdown ends. On booking, the executive of the company will contact the customers and provide the information of the offer. Customers will get the benefit of the offer only if they buy before 30 May.

Offer information according to the site

  • LG's foldable smartphone LG G8X ThinQ costs 50 thousand rupees. The company launched it in December 2018. On pre-booking, customers are being given instant discount of Rs. 5000 and Zebra Bluetooth headset worth Rs. 2 thousand.
  • Customers booking LG TV and audio products will be given a 15% (up to Rs. 15,000) cashback on purchase with a credit-debit card, an EMI discount of up to Rs. 17500 or a chance to buy a LK7 speaker in a lucky draw . By purchasing OLED or UHD TV, the customer will get a chance to win another TV of Rs 35,990. Apart from this, a fixed gift of up to 10 thousand rupees will be given on buying LG TV.
  • Customers buying home appliances such as fridges, ACs, washing machines, water purifiers, air purifiers, dishwashers and microwaves will be given a cashback of up to 12.5% ​​and a fixed gift of up to Rs 5,000. Delivery of all these products will begin after the lockdown ends.

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