Smartphone April sales Report | Smartphone sales in India hit zero in April, many companies including Samsung-Xiaomi-Realme were closed after the lockdown was announced | Not a single smartphone sold in April in the country, lockdown is already closed, manufacturing plants of many brands including Samsung-Xiaomi-Realme

  • Smartphone shipments declined by 19 percent in March due to lockdown.
    Companies said- it will take 2 to 4 weeks to return to normalcy after the lockdown is over

Dainik Bhaskar

May 03, 2020, 01:51 PM IST

new Delhi. Due to the lockdown issued from March 25 in India, the smartphone companies could not make the shipment in the month of April, as a result no company sold in April. Due to the nationwide lockdown, all the manufacturing units in the country are closed. Companies say that even if the lockdown is over, it will take two to four weeks to return to normalcy. According to the reports, smartphone shipments fell by 19 percent in the month of March.

Up to 1.2 million smartphones are sold in a normal month
Tarun Pathak, Associate Director of Counterpoint Research, said the factories and retail shop are closed due to the lockdown and the online platform is busy delivering essential goods. Due to which sales were zero in April. Apart from this, smartphone shipments have also been zero and now that we have stepped in May and the Corona is still in crisis, it is expected that smartphone companies may face many challenges in the second quarter as well. Pathak further stated that there were some sales during the lockdown but it is negligible compared to 1.1 crore to 1.2 crore in the normal month.

The plant has been closed since the lockdown was announced – Madhav Seth, Reality India Head
All manufacturing and assembling plants from Samsung to Xiaomi and Reality have been closed since March 20 due to lockdown. Reality had closed its factories since the announcement of the 21-day lockdown. Realme India Head Madhav Seth said that as per the orders of the government, the plant at Greater Noida is closed since March 21. Sales have also been banned. Apart from this, Realme has also postponed the launch of several smart products, including the Narjo series.

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