Corona impact on Auto Industry | Maruti-Hyundai dealers starting operations in green zone, hope to get positive results in May | Maruti-Hyundai dealers starting operations in green zone, expect positive results in May

  • Relaxation in the lockdown in the green zone will allow companies to prepare for further
  • Almost all Volkswagen dealerships outlets in the Red Zone
  • There are 733 districts in the country, out of which 44 percent are in the Green Zone.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 01, 2020, 03:32 PM IST

new Delhi. On Friday, almost all companies released their sales reports. Very shocking figures came out in this. According to the report, not a single car was sold by any company. Whether it is Maruti Suzuki, the largest car seller in the country or Mercedes, which makes luxury cars, everyone had the same condition. Automotive companies faced these conditions for the first time in the country's seven-decade history. Auto companies have started making strides to bring the business back on track. Dealers are restarting the showroom as ordered by the government-made green zone. It is expected that it will definitely see a slight increase in the figures for May.

Auto companies start functioning in Green Zone
Two major car makers in the country, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, have started several dealer outlets and service centers located in the Green Zone as per the orders of the government, while permitting is being awaited in many parts of the country. Brands like Tata Motors, Honda Cars, Volkswagen and Toyota have released some standard operating procedures and guidelines for dealers before starting their operations.

The company has an inventory of 13 thousand cars – Maruti Suzuki
RC Bhargava, head of Maruti Suzuki India, said that all auto companies are covered under the Shops and Establishments Act, in such a situation that the government has created a green zone, there has been permission to open outlets. This is a positive step as many companies are currently struggling with cash problems. This problem will be corrected after the commencement of sale and upon booking. Currently, the company's factory and dealers have an inventory of 13,000 cars.

Send masks and sanitizers to dealers – Hyundai
Tarun Garg (Sales and Marketing Director) of Hyundai India told that due to the relaxation of lockdown by the government, dealers will be able to make further preparations. Like other companies, Hyundai has shared the guidelines with channel partners for further work. We are sending 5 lakh masks and sanitizers to dealers. Currently, the company has an inventory of 50,000 cars.

Most Volkswagen dealerships in Red Zone
Executives at the German car company Volkswagen say their dealership will only be able to open after the lockdown is complete, as most of the company's dealerships are located in the Red Zone.

Understand the mathematics of this zone

Total 733 districts in the country. Out of this 130 are in Red Zone, 284 Orange Zone and 319 Green Zone. Where the lowest number of cases are in the Red Zone, where no new cases have been reported since 14 days, those in the Orange Zone and where no new cases have been reported since 21 days, which are in the Green Zone.

38 percent of the districts are in the Orange Zone

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