Google Meet free for all users | Google makes Meet video conferencing app free for all users, know how to get notified | Google's video conferencing app Meet will challenge the zoom app, users around the world will be able to use it for free

  • 100 participants in the free version of Zoom and 500 in paid version can participate in video conferencing
  • 100 participants in Google Meet will be able to do 60 minutes of video conferencing simultaneously.

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 30, 2020, 07:23 PM IST

new Delhi. In view of the increasing craze of video conferencing app during lockdown, Google has made its video conferencing app Meet free for users across the world. The company said that within the coming few weeks, all users will be able to use it for free. Till now the paid version of this premium app was available. 100 participants will be able to have an hour of video conferencing in Google Meet simultaneously. Google Meet will be seen from the Zoom app. In the free version of Zoom, 100 participants can simultaneously participate in video conferencing for up to 40 minutes.

100 participants will be able to join together
Smita Hashim, Product Management Director of Google Cloud, said that with Googer Meet being free for all, any user will now be able to host a meeting, in which 100 participants will be able to attend 60 minutes of video conferencing. He further said that Google Meat is not only safe but also reliable. We hope that our hangout users will now switch to Google Meat.

The company will also change the layout
The company said that we are freeing some essential services. We currently have no plans to monetize Google Meat. We hope that video conferencing will continue to be an essential service in the coming times, adding that the company also plans to change the layout of Google Meet in future.

30 million new users are joining every day
The daily usage of Google Meat launched in January has increased up to 30 times till date. Currently the app hosts 300 million video meetings and has added 3 crore new users daily on the app. According to reports, last week the number of users using the Meat App daily crossed 10 million.

All advanced features will be available for free
From May, any user will be able to signup to the Meet app from an email address and use all the special features of the app, which were available for Google Business and Education account users till now. These include simple scheduling, screen sharing, real-time caption and choosing the layout according to priority. The company said that this facility will be available only to those users who have a Google account. From September 30, we will also make G Suite necessary, in which many advanced features will be available for free.

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