America blacklisted five foreign websites of Amazon, the company said – this move is politically motivated, Trump removing personal enmity from Bezos | The US blacklisted five of Amazon's foreign websites, the company said – a move inspired by politics, Trump is removing personal animosity from Bezos

  • US Trade Representative Office said – Amazon had complaints about selling fake goods
  • Amazon said – has invested heavily on the platform to combat illegal activities

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 30, 2020, 01:48 PM IST

New York. The lockdown has blacklisted the five foreign sites of the huge profit-making company, Amazon, into the US government. This includes sites in the UK, Germany, France, India and Canada. The US administration has accused the e-commerce platform of selling counterfeit and pirated products. On this, Amazon clarified that Amazon said that this move of the Trump government is clearly politically motivated, because it has invested heavily to tackle illegal activities on the platform.

Amazon received many complaints about selling fake goods
The trade representative office of the US said that this step has been taken because there were many complaints of selling fake goods on Amazon in the country.

Trump's personal enmity with Jeff Bezos – Amazon
Amazon reported that such a move has been taken due to differences between Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and President Trump, and the decision is entirely politically motivated. Though there is no legal weight in the list, but the name of it creates a question mark on the companies, especially popular companies like Amazon.

This is clearly a political conspiracy – Amazon
The company said in a statement that – it is clearly a political conspiracy. Because the administration used the US government to pursue personal retaliation against Amazon. The online shopping giant also said that it has invested significantly in technology to prevent counterfeit products from being sold on its platform. Amazon's US website was excluded from the list.

Unambiguous information about vendors not available on site
According to the report, a number of complaints have surfaced in which Amazon sites have not given clear information about the vendors and the process of removing platforms that sell counterfeit goods from the site was lengthy and cumbersome. Amazon said in its statement that it had invested a lot to tackle the problem, and had blocked more than 6 billion bad listings before being listed on the platform last year. An Amazon spokesperson said that we are active in the sale of fake salmon.

Trump has already accused Amazon
Trump has often clashed several times with Amazon and personally with Jeff Bezos, who recently bought the Washington Post newspaper. Trump has previously accused Amazon of not paying enough taxes.

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