Earn Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in 2021

Earn Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in 2021

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, virtual means that it has no physical form like other currency, it is a digital currency. This is a currency that you can neither see nor touch. It is only stored electronically. If someone has bitcoin, he can buy goods just like the common currency.

This is a new currency secured by encrypting for mutual payment on the mass computer network. This currency created from the digital system is kept in a digital purse only. It started on 3 January 2009. It is the world’s first fully open payment system. There are more than 10 million bitcoins worldwide.

Currently, bitcoin is becoming very popular in the world. It was invented in 2008 by an engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto and released in 2009 as open-source software. Currently, people are trading by buying bitcoins at low prices and selling at high prices.

How to buy Bitcoin in India & in USA?

Do you know how to buy bitcoins in India? Because I was pleased by many how to buy Bitcoin in Indian currency. So today I thought why not give you complete information about how to buy Bitcoin in India.

You might not know this, but Bitcoin is legal in India. Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin in India, that too in Indian rupees. So today I will try to give you complete information about how to buy Bitcoin in India. Then what is the delay? Let’s start.

Bitcoin has expanded its reach in a very short time. When it first came into Visva’s market, it was the first Cryptocurrency. Its value was not so much. And due to it being a decentralized currency, people’s faith in it was not so much in the beginning. But with time, the faith of people started increasing in it and more and more people started joining it, due to which its price started to increase significantly. Today its price is around 39,88,159 INR.

How to Buy Bitcoin in India?

Now you must have guessed a lot about Bitcoin, what is it and why its fame is increasing day by day. You can buy bitcoin just like gold, in Indian currency.

So let us know that there are websites from such cones in India from where we can buy Bitcoin very easily, that too in our own currency.

For your convenience, I have listed them according to their popularity so that you will be able to know about them. Here on these websites, you can easily see their current price in real-time also.

1. Unocoin:
Unocoin is a very friendly website that anyone can use. With this, you can buy and sell bitcoin very easily. Unocoin has many such features that make it different from others.

2. Zebpay:
Zebpay is a very user-friendly website from which you can easily buy bitcoin. Zebpay has access to many vendors so that it provides more convenience.

3. Coinbox:
Coinbox.org is a cloud-based mobile and desktop cryptocurrency storage and exchange app whose main focus is always on security, speed, and convenience. At present, it is available in more than about 187 countries around the world and there are about 750000+ active users in it. Coinbox.org        allows you to securely buy, sell, exchange, use and store any cryptocurrency and tokens without any restrictions and limitations.

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