Telegram video calls | Like WhatsApp and Facebook, Telegram will also soon recieve group call features, company claims users data will be completely safe | On the lines of WhatsApp and Facebook, Telegram will also have a group call feature, the company claims – users' data will be completely safe

  • Telegram has 400 million users, the company did not give clarification on how many people will be able to participate in the group video call.
  • This feature will challenge the zoom, up to 500 users can do video conferencing simultaneously in the zoom app.

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 27, 2020, 04:57 PM IST

new Delhi. On the lines of WhatsApp and Instagram, Telegram is also going to have a video calling feature. The company says that it will be launched soon and that users' data will be completely safe, no third party will be able to access its data. The company has not given any clarification about when it will be launched and how many users will be able to join the group call. The craze of group video calling in lockdown is increasing significantly. People are resorting to video calling app for office work and talking to friends. In view of this, Telegram has announced to add this feature to the app. Telegram has 400 million users globally.

Many companies launched video calling feature
Actually, during the lockdown, the video calling app zoom was quite popular, in its free version 100 users and in paid version 500 users can join video conferencing simultaneously. In order to exploit the opportunity after the Zoom app came into controversy, many apps added group video calling feature to their platform. Facebook Messenger app has added new video conferencing feature Messenger Rooms. Messenger rooms will allow up to 50 people to make video calling simultaneously for unlimited time. However, the free version of the zoom app allows 100 people to make video calling for a maximum of 40 minutes simultaneously. Facebook Messenger Rooms will have an Artificial Intelligence enabled virtual background. Also, many virtual reality effects will also be found in it. Apart from this, WhatsApp and Google Duo have also increased the number of participants in their group calling feature.

Questions raised on zoom app privacy
Let us know that during lockdown, the zoom app is becoming quite popular for video calling. But many governments around the world, including India, have advised not to use it. In fact, the Zoom app has been accused of selling people's private data. According to the report, by April 21, the number of users using the zoom app had crossed 300 million users. At the beginning of April, the number of daily users was 200 million, which means that despite being in dispute over privacy and security, the number of users has increased by 50%. In the paid version of the zoom app, 500 users can participate in video conferencing. 100 users can do video conferencing simultaneously in the free version of the zoom app and 500 users in the paid version.

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