Get Your Number In Such A Circle By Going To Another State, Know What Is The Process

If you have moved from one state to another state in India, then you will have to get your number ported to a new circle. Telecom company Airtel offers its prepaid and postpaid services across the country. If you are also an Airtel user, then we are telling you how you can go to another state and switch your number to a new circle.

Switch your number like this

Whichever state city you have come to, go to your nearest Airtel store there.

Now port the SMS after your phone number and send it to 1900.

You will get a UPC or unique porting code.

Now show your ID proof and address proof to the employees present in the Airtel store.

Now show UPC and submit the document to the store.

Tell us at the store that you want to change your Airtel number in a new circle.

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