Facebook Messenger Rooms | Facebook introduced messenger room feature to challenge zoom, 50 people will be able to do video calling simultaneously | Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms feature to challenge Zoom, 50 people will be able to do video calling simultaneously

  • Calling can be done in the messenger rooms for an unlimited time while in the free version of the zoom you can call for only 40 minutes.
  • 100 users can do video conferencing simultaneously in free version of zoom app and 500 in paid version.

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 26, 2020, 02:36 PM IST

new Delhi. Facebook has added a new video conferencing feature to the Messenger app. The company has named it Messenger Rooms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this on Friday. Messenger rooms will allow up to 50 people to make video calling simultaneously for unlimited time. Messenger rooms will compete with the zoom app. However, the free version of the zoom app allows 100 people to make video calling for a maximum of 40 minutes simultaneously.

It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to use Messenger Rooms. One can join Messenger Rooms video calling only through an invite link, Messenger Rooms also has features like zoom. Facebook Messenger Rooms will have an Artificial Intelligence enabled virtual background. Also, many virtual reality effects will also be found in it.

For example, if the background of your house or rooms is not good, then you can create a virtual background. In this, the user will get many options to select the background. It is very easy to use. Explain that the way you create a group on Facebook Messenger, you will also be able to create rooms.

Questions raised on zoom app privacy

  • Let us know that during lockdown, the zoom app is becoming quite popular for video calling. But many governments around the world, including India, have advised not to use it. In fact, the Zoom app has been accused of selling people's private data. According to the report, by April 21, the number of users using the zoom app had crossed 300 million users. At the beginning of April, the number of daily users was 200 million, which means that despite being in dispute over privacy and security, the number of users has increased by 50%. This information was given by the company's CEO Erik Yuan.
  • In the paid version, 500 users can participate in video conferencing, people are using the zoom app quite a lot in the nationwide lockdown caused by Corona. Most users doing work from home are using the zoom app for video conferencing. At the end of March, it was included in the list of most downloaded apps on Apple and Google Play Store. In the free version of the app, 100 users and in the paid version 500 users can do video conferencing simultaneously.
  • The company said – soon the pre-secure version will be launched
  • The app came into more headlines when the app was accused of hijacking their meeting data and sharing it with Facebook without the wishes of the users. After getting caught in this privacy scandal, there was a lot of controversy about the app. On Wednesday, Zoom announced that they will launch a new version of the app, which corrects all security and privacy-related flaws.

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