How Apple and Google will use your phone to fight coronavirus: things to know | Google and Apple made weapons in the fight with Coronavirus, helping people in this way

  • Both companies' contact tracing apps are working via Bluetooth
  • Users' location data will not be collected

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 25, 2020, 07:49 PM IST

The world's largest tech companies are continuously helping in the fight against Google and Apple Coronavirus. Both companies are helping health agencies with contact tracing and apps. How many corona infected patients worldwide? How well are you? How many more positives are there? All this information is being provided with their help. Smartphone of users is also helping in this work. You also know how these two companies are using your phone against Coronavirus.

App will help the government
Contact tracing apps of both companies are working via Bluetooth. The government and public health authorities are to make this app available by May. Apple and Google will release application programming interfaces (APIs), which will help public health officials in contract tracing on the app. It will work on both Android and iOS. Apple and Google have made it clear that the app will be approved only when users work closely with public health officials. Keep their data confidential and secure.

App will not be needed after some time
The next step will be to use Android operating system and iOS on smartphones. Apple and Google will update the contact on the operating system in the next few months. Users will not need the app when it is rolled out. Both companies believe that the Coronavire chain can be stopped by smartphones. With the help of the phone, the user will be able to know that you are not coming in contact with any corona infected.

Location data will not be collected
Apple and Google's contact-tracing will only be available for use by public health officials. Both companies are constantly working with the public health authorities in the direction of how to contact users with the apps. If a person is infected with a virus, then it cannot be detected by the system or any other user. Companies have also made it clear that the data of users' location will not be collected.

User details will not be shared
Google and Apple have made it clear that they will not share the data of users with the government or any other authority except two cases. If a user selects Kovid-19's report as positive, and shares his details through the app. Only then will the user's data be shared further. However, no user will be strengthened to use this app.

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