Smartphone Safety Tips: If water has gone into the smartphone in the rain, then do 4 things immediately, it will not spoil

switch off the phone

  • If the phone has become wet with water, then first of all switch it off.
  • Not doing this can cause the circuits in the phone’s chip to be interconnected due to moisture. This can damage your phone. There may be sparking in the phone.
  • If the phone gets wet, then remove the accessories installed in the phone immediately.

immediately remove battery

  • Remove the battery of the phone immediately. The handset has a small sticker affixed under the battery, which is mostly white in color.
  • If water has gone inside the phone, this sticker will change to pink or red color.
  • The color of this sticker changes if there is some moisture inside the phone.
  • It is not possible to remove the battery in phones that come with inbuilt battery. Keep such phone off and try to dry it.

Don’t charge wet phones

  • If the phone has become wet or has moisture, do not charge it.
  • Doing so may result in electric shock.
  • Fully the phone Let it dry completely. Many people try to dry the phone with a hair dryer. It is wrong to do so. This can damage the phone’s chip instead of drying the water.
  • Use sunlight (not direct sunlight) or fan air to dry the phone.

p style="text-align: justify;">Remove moisture from phone

  • Get a water absorbent cloth from any hardware or chemist. Keep the phone wrapped in it for at least two days.

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