Apple-Google Contact Tracing App | Coronavirus Apple and France in stand-off over contact-tracing app | Apple-Google's Corona contact tracing app in controversy, France objected to the app regarding privacy

  • Apple and Google's contact tracing app will work via Bluetooth
  • When people meet, phones will exchange key-codes, so the app will work

Dainik Bhaskar

Apr 22, 2020, 04:56 PM IST

France. A few days ago, the tech company Apple and Google together announced the creation of a contact tracing app. It seeks to identify and get in touch with the corona infected. Both companies had said that both Android and iOS operating systems would have to be changed to enable this Bluetooth based Corona tracing app. But France has raised questions about privacy security reasons. France says that the Bluetooth-based contact tracing app being made by Apple-Google will weaken privacy protection. Both companies had said that the app would not work without making changes to the operating system of the smartphone. Since then, the French government has been continuously pressuring Apple not to make any changes in the privacy for the app being made for the iPhone.

The issue was raised by the French government two weeks after the two companies partnered. The companies are working together to prevent the corona epidemic, a digital contact tracing app that will track user contacts. In this, the smartphones of both companies will work together with each other, but special care has been taken about which data the app will share with health organizations and which is not. The issue of these restrictions of data sharing has been raised by the French government because France wants exemption in this limit.

French digital minister Cadric-O said that we are asking Apple to remove these technical bottlenecks to allow us to develop a sovereign European health solution that is linked to our health system. He further said that the contact tracing app is not in line with our privacy guidelines, though it can still be improved. It has a very strict limit especially when it works on the iPhone. As such it will not work when the phone is running another app or game, or the screen of the phone is locked.

Apple's operating system contact tracing app which will work with the help of Bluetooth will prevent data from going out of the device. This restriction has been imposed keeping in mind the privacy of the user and this restriction is being made by the French government. The government wants to launch the app by 11 May. This app will work to find out who the infected person has come in contact with so that the city lockdown can be done as soon as possible by taking appropriate steps.

How Apple-Google's contact tracing app will work

The contact tracing app works when two or more people meet with each other for a long time. If one user is being treated due to infection, then an alert will reach other users, which they can infect. Also, it can also be suggested to be self-isolate.

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